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Total Hardware Software and Services Solution
Voipwell provides the total IP communication solution. Whether you need to integrate voIP into your current analog pbx environment to experience drastic cost reductions in outbound calling, add remote extensions, connect remote offices, or a totally new IP PBX solution, Voipwell does it all. Incoming DID's, Toll Free Numbers and outgoing calling are amoung a few of our VoIP to analog PBX cost reducing services. And, by supplying everything you need, there is one easy source for maintenance and expansion. Avoid the finger pointing resulting from buying your voIP phone service from one vendor and all your connectivity hardware and software from another. Receive training and instruction from people that understand the whole picture and can make things work.

Voip Connection to the Public Telephone Network
Voipwell specializes in finding the most reliable connection for your calls. We have strategically located our VoIP servers to service the needs of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania businesses. By maintaining our equipment in world class datacenters, chosen for their premium backbone connectivity to the internet service providers servicing our clients. Voipwell delivers crystal clear fast voice traffic unmatched by any national provider. Voipwell is different in the way we transport your calls. We only use the internet to bring your calls to our equipment. Once we receive your voice traffic, we use private TDM and IP networks (traditional phone call switching equipment) to deliver your call to it's destination. This can't be over emphasized. You can only manage what you can measure. We can measure the performance of a call from you to us. We couldn't measure the performance if we allowed the call to go back out on the web after it left us. It may cost us more to provide this level of reliability, however, a completed call and a satisfied client is our goal.

Carrier Independent
Voipwell is carrier independent. Use us and you can be too. We don't rely on any one carrier for terminations. That means we are not subject to the occaisional outages a carrier can experience. Carrier solutions are subject to outages since they only use their own network. Voipwell maintains relationships with no less than seven regional and national carriers. When you place a phone call if one of our carriers fail to connect your call, we place that call on another network in 2/10's of a second. This was the single most important factor in the majority of our clients decision process for choosing Voipwell. None of the cable companies, regional phone companies or smaller providers can match the reliablity of this single feature.

SIP Trunking
Sip Trunking is our entry level product. For those that are satisfied with their analog PBX, Voipwell provides VoIP connectivity. This allows our clients to enjoy the quality of a VoIP connection and cost savings of VoIP with minimal invenstment. Contact us today to see how to start saving!

Remote Extensions
With the high price of gasoline, many companies are opting to allow their employees to telecommute. Voipwell provides inexpensive remote extensions to your current PBX. By placing analog telephone adapters on your pbx and at your remote workers location, you can have a phone anywhere that behaves just like it was in the office. Voipwell is friendly with analog equipment. We are one of the largest integraters of VoIP into analog equipment.

Multiple Office Connectivity
Voipwell connects multiple offices using VoIP technology to reduce leased line costs, PSTN costs and improve communications. We connect analog sites to other analog sites, analog to IP and IP to IP. No matter what your connectivity project is, Voipwell can provide you with all the products, services, maintenance and training you need. let us talk to you about your current project.
Hosted PBX

Are you starting a new company and need a big company image on a budget? Have you outgown your existing PBX and are having a hard time justifying the inflated price of antiquated analog systems that come with hefty service contracts? Whatever your reason for needing a high end phone system at a budget price, Hosted PBX is your solution. From small startups to 100's of users, Hosted PBX by Voipwell provides you a completely worry free IP office environment to take advantage of all the phone features only available on IP platforms. Call us now about how you can increase your productivity with a minimal investment.

Brekeke PBX

The Brekeke IP phone system is a completely integrated system that scales seamlessly from 20 to hundreds of users including PBX, voice mail, and automated attendant functions. The Brekeke system is built from the ground up using SIP standards and designed to be the easiest to use, easiest to manage, full-featured IP phone system on the market today. Its distributed architecture is ideal for multi-site companies because the Brekeke IP phone system behaves as a single, unified system sporting the latest cool IP features.

IP Features

SIP Standards Based
Intuitive Web-based Management
Uncompressed G711ulaw 100 mbs
Compressed ILBC/G729 25 mbs
Auto Attendant
Speed Dial
Company Directory
Import Greetings Wav Files OR Record From Phones
Carrier Independent (immune from Termination Carrier Failure)
Busy/No Answer Call Forwarding
Unconditional Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding/IVR Schedule
Call Hold
Call Hunting
Call Transfer
Call Monitor
Call Tutor (Manager can speak to employee but customer can not hear)
Call Parking
Call Pickup
Call Que
Call Recording Call Conferencing Music On Hold Real-time Call Status View Ring Groups Simultaneous Rings At Multiple Locations Or Sequence thru multiple numbers Ringer Time Settings Voicemail stutter tone Voicemail Web Access
Voicemail To Email With Or Without WAV Attachment Cell phone Voice Mail Notifications Message Waiting Indicator Web Services Click to Call on Web Page New Features Added Often Fax From Email Fax To Email Fax From Fax Machine Call Pop Dot Net Integration Failover
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